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PERENNIAL: An everlasting odyssey of femininity

American River College 22nd Annual
Spring/Summer 2024 Fashion Show









Took my daughter Emerald Diaz to her first fashion show!  She had a blast watching and taking photographs with my iPhone.  She brought Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog to watch as well! =) 











Photography by Celisse Elaine








Eden, Kaitlyn, Julia, Vivi, Sky, Stalin, Jackie, Teryn, Madison, Nessa, Reena, Lexi, Dayanara, Grecia, Li, Emily, Kyndal, Alexandria, Alyssa, Tessa, Allison, Lacey, Housachi, Anaca, Liyea, Emma, Esther, Victoria, Olga, Dasha








Gigi Linguist- Flora


Elizabeth Scherbina- Modest Woman


Loretta Walker- Flutter and Flare


Pa Vue- Vibrant Feathers 


Zainab Heilman- Etherea


Jen Macclanahan- A Sustainably Minded Nod to Mod 


Guest- Gerry GOS Simpson








Dr. Dyanne Marte


Anne Dieu


Zoha Afshar 

[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) 2024 perennial 4700 college oak a sustainably minded nod to mod alexandria allison alyssa american river college american river college perennial american river college perennial fashion show american river college fashion show Anaca arc arc fashion show arc perennial arc perennial fashion show celisse elaine photography Dasha dayanara dr dyanne marte eden elizabeth scherbina Emily Emma Esther etherea everlasting fashion fashion show feather fashion femininity flora flutter and flare gerry GOS Simpson gigi linguist GOS grecia Housachi jackie Jen macclanahan julia kaitlyn Kyndal Lacey lexi li liyea loretta walker madison model modest woman mood board nessa odyssey Olga pa vue perennial professor anne dieu professor zoha afghan promotion class reena sky stalin tern tessa vibrant feathers Victoria vivi zainab Heilman https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2024/6/arc-perennial-fashion-show-2024 Thu, 06 Jun 2024 18:38:35 GMT
Le Mystère https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2024/1/lemystere  

Le Mystère 

Le Mystère, which is "The Mystery" in French, is Celisse Elaine very first Spring 2024 collection. This whimsical six look editorial collection is inspired and reimagined of Hanna-Barbera’s Scooby Doo characters. By staying current in trends, this Women's collection includes: sheer tops, short shorts, knots, belts, and fringe!  The colors are also similar to Pantone's 2024 color trends. These six looks are for anyone who likes retro, having fun, and dressing according to color or theme!  There is no age range or demographic.  




Look 1: Scrappy- beige stretch velour jumpsuit with a turquoise satin belt and turquoise fringe at the ankles. 


Look 2: Velma- burgundy silk shantung V-neck shorts jumper, cotton floral long bell bottom sleeves with pumpkin iridescent organza lining the neck like a vintage ruff.  


Look 3: Daphne- bloom luxe polyester crepe dress, green silk charmeuse ribbon and backing.  


Look 4: Shaggy- green silk charmeuse top, brown polyester satin pants with burgundy chevron fringe.  


Look 5: Scooby Doo- brown polyester sweetheart neckline pants jumper, turquoise satin and sequin belt, turquoise sequined ballet shoes, turquoise neck bow tie. 


Look 6: Fred- viscose georgette sheer collared cover up top, tan midriff crop top, beige stretch velour cinched on sides. 



Concept Board by Celisse Elaine.

Fabric sourced from Mood Fabrics

Photography by Celisse Elaine, Art By Color 

Flat Technical Sketches by Celisse Elaine. 

3D Colored Croquis by Celisse Elaine. 

Music composed by David Mook & Ben Raleigh, Hanna-Barbera's Scooby Doo Intro Instrumental.










[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) 3d 3d croquis 3d fashion croquis art by color beige stretch velour beige stretch velour jumpsuit bell bottom sleeves belts Ben Raleigh bloom luxe polyester crepe dress board of flats brown polyester satin burgundy chevron fringe burgundy silk shantung V neck shorts jumper celisse Elaine art chevron fringe colored fashion illustration concept board Daphne David Mook doo fabric sourced from mood fabrics fashion fashion trends flat technical sketches fred French for the mystery fringe green silk charmeuse hanna barbera hanna barbera Scooby doo knots le mystère mood fabrics mystere mystery pantone Pantones color trend pumpkin iridescent organza retro ruff Scooby Scooby doo scrappy shaggy sheer sheer tops short shorts spring 2024 collection tan midriff crop top technical fashion sketches technical sketches the mystery themed photoshoot Scooby doo turquoise turquoise satin turquoise sequined belt Velma vintage ruff viscose georgette sheer whimsical whimsical collection womens spring 2024 collection https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2024/1/lemystere Wed, 10 Jan 2024 19:27:27 GMT
Comedian Lance Woods https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2023/12/lancewoods






What a fun backstage impromptu photoshoot for my good friend Lance Woods! I have known Lance since Samuel Jackman Middle School days. It is such a joy catching up, watching the development of his skits, and capturing his photograph. The last time I photographed Lance was in 2015!  Check him out! @Sirlancewoods


2015 Lance Woods & Friends

Before(2015)& After(2023)

Lance WoodsLance Woods
See more from Lance Woods & Friends 2015

Comedian Lance Woods at the Punchline in Sacramento, CA.  @Sirlancewoods 

Photography and Direction by Celisse Elaine @Celisseelaine


[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) backstage photo shoot black and white comedian photography black and white photography comedian lance woods dressing room photo shoot international sex symbol lance woods lance woods and friends lance woods Sacramento mayor of cougarville mike e winfield Mike Winfield punchline sacramento comedy club sacramento punchline sex symbol https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2023/12/lancewoods Sun, 31 Dec 2023 18:27:44 GMT
King Caleb's 3rd Birthday! https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2023/11/king-calebs-3rd-birthday



You are three!  I had such a blast conducting your King Caleb photoshoot.  Keep thriving and getting stronger, smarter and more handsome by the day.  Thank you for being you Caleb Landon. I love you so much!







[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) 3 Caleb crown King King Caleb Spiderman three Whitney Whitney Houston who could imagine a king https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2023/11/king-calebs-3rd-birthday Fri, 17 Nov 2023 15:49:16 GMT
Sunflower Tails https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2023/9/sunflower-tails






 Emerald loves Miles "Tails" Prower. "Miles Prower" is a play on term for "miles per hour," a unit of measurement for speed with power. Tails and Emerald are both bright, energetic and curious.

Emerald you are five years old now. Five is such a strong number! Humans have five primary senses, there are five elements of nature, five toes on a foot and five fingers on a hand. There are five olympic rings in a symbol, five vowels in the alphabet and also five lunar phases.  

Thank you for helping with our beautiful sunflower patch in the backyard. I am so proud of you and how well you transitioned into school this year.  I am excited to experience being five again through your eyes. 








Photography by Celisse Elaine

Inspiration from Sega Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog- Miles "Tails" Prower character 



[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) dr. egg man eggman fashionista flying fox hedgehog knuckles miles miles prower miles tails prower prower Purple Heart robotnik Sega Sega genesis shadow sonic tails the two tails yellow yellow fox yellow lace dress yellow monochromatic https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2023/9/sunflower-tails Wed, 20 Sep 2023 06:44:43 GMT
Meriyah's SWEET 16 https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2023/4/sweet-16




Oh, to be sixteen again.  Such a pleasure capturing photographs for Meriyah's Sweet 16 event.  I have known Meriyah since she was young and have watched her grow into a smart, beautiful young lady.  I was in awe of the light pink/mauve color combinations and the details each vendor created. The guests had a great time coming together and I am happy to have captured it.  Some of my favorite shots include the mirrored women's powder room and the black and white car photos.




Photography by Celisse Elaine

Balloon set ups and dessert cart balloons by Dreas Balloons

Cake by Freeport Bakery 

Cart Desserts by A Sprinkle of Kin 

Food by Vallejo's Restaurant

360 Photo Booth by Prominent 360 Views 



[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) 16 3 generations a sprinkle of kin chevelle dessert cart dreas balloons elks lodge Sacramento sweet 16 Freeport bakery sweet 16 happy 16th birthday happy sweet 16 Meriyah sweet 16 old school chevelle super sport prominent 360 views robots dj nino sacramento sacramento sweet 16 sixteen sixteenth birthday strawberry dessert platters sweet sixteen sweet sixteen event three generations Vallejos sacramento https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2023/4/sweet-16 Tue, 25 Apr 2023 06:43:35 GMT
Mommy & Me https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2023/4/mommy-me


Maternity SilhouetteMaternity Silhouette Ready, Set, VogueReady, Set, VoguePregnancy Glow

YogaYoga Like Mama, Like SonLike Mama, Like SonReading is fundamental



[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) ma milk bath mom mom and I mommy mommy and me mommy and me photo shoot mommy and me photo shoot sacramento mother mothers day minis mothers day packages mothers day photographer mothers day photoshoot mothers day sacramento photographer sacramento mommy and me photoshoot sacramento mommy and me photoshoot packages sacramento photographer https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2023/4/mommy-me Thu, 20 Apr 2023 20:29:53 GMT
MIKES ARCADE RENTALS https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2023/3/mikes-arcade-rentals







Vintage video arcade games, need I say more?  Had the pleasure of creating video game advertisements for Mikes Arcade Rentals. While creating these ideas and concepts, the nostalgic feelings of playing video games with my siblings got brought back to life.  My favorite consoles were Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo.  We would also visit pizza parlors and arcades where they had the arcade style games and I always thought they were fun to play! As a family, we watched The Simpsons all the time.  I kept thinking about the introduction to the show and how the advertisement definitely needed clouds and chalkboard displayed with a neat blurb. Marge needed blue hair, yellow tinted skin and a neck piece.  NBA Jam reminded me of my late brother and his love of basketball and obsession with The Chicago Bulls dream team staring Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.  PacMan was also a fun game to play and a lot of diners and arcades had PacMan.  I love the color concepts and simplicities of the game. Needless to say, I really enjoyed myself during this project. It was nice being able to incorporate ideas from my fashion and advertisement courses as well.  Special shout out to my softball childhood friend Laiza for coming through with the beats for the videos and for creating a beautiful jingle.  It was truly a group project.  

                                                                                                                                                  XOXO, CE                      


The SimpsonsThe Simpsons

The Simpsons








Ms. Pac ManMs. Pac Man










[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) arcade 1 up arcade1up bart simpson arcade game blue hair brokenirisart celisse celisse elaine celisse elaine photography DJ entrigue entrigue hang time arcade game homer simpson arcade game homer simpson arcade game rental konami lisa simpson arcade game lisa simpson arcade rental game maggie simpson arcade game marge simpson arcade game marge simpson arcade game rental marge simpson arcade rental mikes arcade mikes arcade rental mikes arcade rentals mikes arcade rentals sacramento mikes arcade sacramento mikes video game rentals Ms pac man ms pac man arcade game Ms pac man arcade game rental ms pac man vintage game NBA hang time NBA hang time arcade game NBA jam NBA jam arcade game NBA jam arcade game rental NBA jam game NBA tournament edition NBA tournament edition arcade game pacman pacman arcade game pacman arcade video game party video game rentals sacramento photo shoot photography red bandana the simpsons the simpsons arcade the simpsons arcade game the simpsons arcade rental vintage game rentals vintage video game rentals vintage video games https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2023/3/mikes-arcade-rentals Mon, 27 Mar 2023 21:49:09 GMT
COCOMELON https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2023/3/cocomelon










[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) 1st birthday cocomelon Bella bingo cece cocomelon cocomelon birthday cocomelon first birthday party cocomelon happy birthday cocomelon nursery rhymes cocomelon photoshoot cocomelon themed photoshoot Cody jj jj cocomelon jj cocomelon themed birthday party jj cocomelon themed photoshoot jj themed photoshoot jj YouTube miss appleberry Nico Nina tomtom YouTube yoyo https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2023/3/cocomelon Fri, 24 Mar 2023 18:57:52 GMT
Pat McGrath Mother of Makeup https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2023/2/pat-mcgrath-labs-makeup-artist



By: Celisse Elaine 

Pat McGrath


[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) Celisse Elaine CFDA dbe fashion merchandising gold 001 lust 004 makeup artist Merchandising Mother of makeup pat McGrath pat McGrath labs supreme and pat McGrath collab vogue https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2023/2/pat-mcgrath-labs-makeup-artist Mon, 27 Feb 2023 18:28:01 GMT
Alice + Olivia SS 23 https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2023/1/alice-olivia-ss-23  



Composed by Celisse Elaine for Alice + Olivia


[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) Alice an Olivia fashion Alice and Olivia Alice and Olivia's SS23 Celisse Elaine fashion color wheel colorful design fabric Fashion fashion killer fashionista lines ready to wear shapes spring 2023 SS23 Stacey Bender texture https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2023/1/alice-olivia-ss-23 Sun, 15 Jan 2023 01:01:55 GMT
Caleb's 2nd Birthday Sonic The Hedgehog https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2022/11/calebs-2nd-birthday-sonic-the-hedgehog

Happy 2nd Birthday Caleb Landon!  




Photos and Direction by Celisse Elaine





[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) blue hedgehog celisse elaine celisse elaine photography doctor robotnik doctor eggman dr. robotnik happy birthday Caleb happy birthday Caleb Landon hirokazu yasuhara Japanese video game Jim Carrey Jim Carrey sonic the hedgehog knuckles mad scientist naoto ohshima photo shoot photography Sega Sega all stars Sega genesis shadow sonic sonic and knuckles sonic and tails sonic and shadow sonic hedgehog sonic the hedgehog sonic the hedgehog and knuckles sonic the hedgehog and shadow sonic the hedgehog and tails sonic the hedgehog by Celisse Elaine sonic the hedgehog comic sonic the hedgehog photo shoot sonic the hedgehog video game sonic the hedgehog themed photo shoot sonic themed shoot tails too easy two easy ultimate power vertical loops yuji naka https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2022/11/calebs-2nd-birthday-sonic-the-hedgehog Fri, 18 Nov 2022 07:12:32 GMT
Emerald's 4th Frozen Birthday! https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2022/9/emeralds-4th-frozen-birthday  











[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) anna disney disneyfrozen elsa frozen horse into the unknown queen queen elsa show yourself. the nokk https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2022/9/emeralds-4th-frozen-birthday Mon, 19 Sep 2022 16:56:46 GMT
GFUNKY THE BOSS https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2022/6/Gfunkytheboss  










Celisse Elaine: What is Gfunky boxing and what is the inspiration behind it?


GFunky: Gfunky boxing is a YouTube channel I created to talk with other fans that are passionate about the sport of boxing. Those who love the sport and also those who know as much about the sport as I do. Boxing is not as popular as it used to be, so it can be challenging at times to find boxing conversation at work and/or with friends. 


CE: That’s great, to have an open dialogue with others who also share the same interest for the love of boxing.  


It was fun doing the photo shoot with you. What made you reach out and want to create a small video clip for your channel?


GF: I am rebuilding my channel and seeking a new audience. Trying to veer away from drama and negative subscribers. I wanted to reach out to other boxing fans out there. Asked you since you do our family photos and are creative with videos. 


CE: I’m happy to hear that you’re trying to gear more of a positive audience.   It’s always my pleasure to capture your family photos.  Thank you for trusting in my ability to creatively showcase your style with the Gfunky Boxing project.  


GF:  I always have stuff floating around in my head about what I can do differently. I figured reaching out to you would be a good idea since I knew that it would be easy working with you due to your creativity and for always being open to new ideas. I also knew how you worked from past photo shoots with my children and I am always down to support friends and family businesses.  


CE: Okay, I appreciate the love.  Why The Godfather references and song? 


GF:  I chose The Godfather references and song because I am a big mafia movie fan. The Godfather series, specifically the first one, is considered to be one of the best mob movies ever made.  Plus the song is really cool. 


CE: The Godfather is a classic.  It was fun creating a mixed theme of The Godfather and boxing. It was also my first time incorporating slo-mo videos, photographs and live recordings into one and I think our collaboration kicked it out of the park!


How long have you played the guitar? 


GF: I played guitar on and off for about twenty years or so.  I wish I had more time to play it though, but I just don’t.  Music has always been a love of mine for a really long time. 


CE: You play the guitar very well and must make time to play it more often!


I must say, I enjoyed working with you and I am excited to share our project with the world!  Thanks for doing this small interview/introduction with me.  





Director of Photography & Edited by Celisse Elaine

Music composed by GFUNKY 

Additional music by Tessa Ying



[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) 1972 1972 American crime film directed by Francis Ford Coppola American crime film bar boss boxing boxing photoshoot Capone Celisse Elaine Celisse Elaine photography coppola crime film Francis ford Coppola gfunky gfunky boxing guitar guitarist photo shoot keep your friends close but your enemies closer. pool slo mo slo mo videos photo shoot swimming pool lights Tessa Ying the boss the don. The Godfather The Godfather movie The Godfather photoshoot The Godfather themed photo shoot the guitarist YouTube YouTube boxing https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2022/6/Gfunkytheboss Thu, 02 Jun 2022 04:48:53 GMT
Milk Bath Maternity https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2022/5/milk-bath-maternity **

milk bath maternity 








** **




Photography and Direction by Celisse Elaine

Model: Amisha Patti 


See more maternity shoots here!


[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) celisse elaine celisse elaine photography clawfoot bathtub clawfoot bathtub photography clawfoot bathtub photoshoot flower bath flowers maternity maternity photo shoot milk milk bath milk bath maternity photo shoot photography pink and white flower bath pink and white flower clawfoot tub photoshoot Scotts Scotts seafood Scotts seafood on the river the westin the Westin sacramento vintage tub white lace white lace maternity photoshoot white lace photography https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2022/5/milk-bath-maternity Thu, 26 May 2022 00:28:33 GMT
Be Mine, Valentine https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2022/2/be-mine-valentine

Be Mine, Valentine

Everlasting Love

Take your breath away!

Maleficent on Love

Heartbreaker, you got the best of me!


Emerald Elaine Diaz & Caleb Landon Diaz- 2022

By, Celisse Elaine


Past Valentines:

1st Valentine's1st Valentine's

Strike a PoseStrike a Pose


[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) baby breath heartbreaker heartbreaker you got the best of me pink baby breath Valentine Valentines valentines day https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2022/2/be-mine-valentine Mon, 14 Feb 2022 21:37:32 GMT
Happy Holidays Diaz Family 2021 https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2021/12/happy-holidays-2021



Happy Holidays 2021


The Diaz Family












Gingerbread Houses & Princess Castles...


State Capitol Christmas Tree, thank you Bonifacio! 


ANDDDD we're off to Cinderella's Ball, AKA Marv's Holiday Work Party


Holiday Pavillon's Pegasus 


DIY Crafts




LOVE YOU Uncle Jimmy

Santa BABY


[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) California state capitol Christmas tree christmas grinch peanuts gingerbread house princess disney castle Christmas cookie https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2021/12/happy-holidays-2021 Sun, 26 Dec 2021 00:01:16 GMT
My Neighbor Totoro Caleb's 1st Birthday https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2021/11/17-totoro  




"Everybody, try laughing. Then whatever scares you will go away!" - Tatsuo Kusakabe

"That's wonderful.  Good for you! I've always wanted to have a haunted house.  It's been a lifelong dream!"

-Tatsuo Kusakabe


pose son, pose! 


Caleb, you're ONE!  This year has been so fulfilling seeing you grow into a strong and smart young boy.  At one, you have eight teeth, love bananas, spaghetti (anything tomato based), veggie/fruit pouches, dried yogurt bites, Nutri-grain bars and bites of sweets.  You're a climber and days away from walking and chasing sister around!  A true mama's boy with style.  


I wanted to do a special theme for your birthday shoot and thought of My Neighbor Totoro since you have probably watched it about 100x already. =) Your sister Emerald was introduced to Totoro by Aunt Brittany when she was young and has loved it ever since. It's a Japanese animated fantasy film. Of course, Emerald had to assign characters to each of us.  Dad is the big Gray Totoro, Emerald is the blue Totoro, Caleb is the white Totoro and Mom is Catbus! 


Happy viewing & check out the film if you haven't already! 



Mom, Dad & Emerald 



Behind the Scenes! 


Emerald testing the lighting out =) 


Peekaboo Brother!


It's Brother, the white Totoro! 

Big thank you to Gravitate On for the glow in the dark personalized hand sized patch of the Chibi Totoro!  

Emerald and Mom creating Caleb's "ONE"



[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) 1955 1988 1st birthday acorn acorns anime anime character animism banana leaf birthday blue Totoro camphor tree catbus chibi Totoro chika sakamoto chuu Totoro cultural icon Dakota fanning Elle fanning enchanted forest environmentalism forest keeper friendly wood spirits Ghibli museum grandma bus gravitate on gray Totoro happy birthday Totoro hayao Miyazaki hitoshi takagi holy powers Japan Japanese Japanese animated fantasy film joys kami kittenbus lea salonga matsuko Mei and kittenbus Mei kusakabes musubi my neighbor Totoro noriko hidaka oh Totoro pat carroll rural satoyama satsuki kusakabes shinto shinto rope shinto shrine shinto symbology soot sprites spirit animal studio Ghibli studio Ghibli Totoro susuwatari tim daly tokuma shorten Tokyo totoro toy story 3 tunnel of trees umbrella white Totoro Winnie the pooh Japanese https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2021/11/17-totoro Thu, 18 Nov 2021 00:38:54 GMT
Maleficent and Prince Phil(l)ip Battle https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2021/10/maleficent-and-prince-philip  

Maleficent and Prince Phil(l)ip Battle






There's nothing like executing a sequel to a previous themed shoot.  My daughter, Emerald, loves Disney's Sleeping Beauty so much that the show must go on.  Capturing only Aurora for her 3rd birthday shoot was not enough. For her birthday she was the protagonist from the movie and then for Halloween, the antagonist.  Emerald has assigned our characters from the start.  Emerald is Maleficent, daddy is the dragon, Caleb is Prince Phillip and mommy is the piggies (The Goons).  I wanted to become a Goon for Halloween, but my options were very limited and basic.  Instead, I am dressing up as one of the 3 good fairies, Fauna (green).  My sister Alexandra will be Merryweather (blue) and my sister Brittany will be Flora (red).  The Prince Phillip nickname stuck with us and the entire time my mom thought we meant the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II.  As a result, Caleb is paying homage to the late Duke of Edinburgh fashion wise, while also portraying the battle of Disney's Prince Phillip with his shield and sword! What a combo.  






The Dragon's Eye is a magical scepter that was once owned and wielded by the evil fairy Maleficent. It possesses great magical power that she used for her evil purposes.






Special thanks to our neighbor Pauline on gifting us 3 of her tall bamboo stalks to dry and paint for the photo shoot. I wanted to create a 3D effect of being inside a rose thorn bushes like in Disney's Sleeping Beauty during the Prince Phillip and Maleficent the Dragon battle.  










Photos, Direction and Staging by Celisse Elaine



Emerald Elaine as Maleficent

Caleb Landon as Prince Phillip and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Marvin Diaz as the Maleficent Dragon

Celisse Diaz as Fauna

Alexandra Velasquez as Merryweather

Brittany Velasquez as Flora



[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) bamboo British duke British monarch British prince British royal family crow disney Disneys sleeping beauty diy scepter dragon dragon mask dragon shield Duke of Edinburgh duke of England Edinburgh England god is my help green green evil fire green fire green flames keep calm and listen well Maleficent Maleficent dragon Maleficent dragon shield Maleficent halloween costume mistress of evil now shall you deal with me o prince oh dear what an awkward situation Philip Mountbatten prince Prince of Denmark prince of England prince of Greece prince Philip prince Philip halloween costume Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark prince Phillip prince Phillip halloween costume queen Elizabeth II husband royal family royals royalty scepter shield sir sleeping beauty sword sword and shield UK United Kingdom Windsor Windsor Castle your royal highness https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2021/10/maleficent-and-prince-philip Mon, 01 Nov 2021 01:46:12 GMT
Toy Story https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2021/10/toy-story




To Infinity, and BEYOND!


 The claw is our master.  The claw chooses who will go and who will stay. 

Not a flying TOY!





There's a snake in my boot!
I am Mrs. Nesbit!

3 peas in a pod!


Happy Halloween 2021!  


Photos, Direction and Staging by Celisse Elaine.  

Models: Emerald Elaine Diaz & Caleb Landon Diaz


[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) 3 peas in a pod alien aliens Andy barbie barbie and ken barrel of monkeys bullseye bunny buzz buzz lightyear buzz lightyear to the rescue computer animated comedy film Disneys toy story ducky forky Hamm jessie jessie cowgirl ken mr. potato head mrs. Nesbit Pixar Pixar animation studios Pixar's toy story rainbow hair troll rex space ranger the claw there's a snake in my boot this isn't flying this is falling with style three peas in a pod to infinity and beyond toy story toy story themed shoot toys troll Walt disney pictures woody yellow rubber ducky you are a Childs plaything https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2021/10/toy-story Sun, 31 Oct 2021 00:46:16 GMT
Aurora's Sleeping Beauty https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2021/9/Sleeping-beauty-maleficent-dragon



This blog is dedicated to our Daughter Emerald Elaine Diaz who is now THREE YEARS OLD! My buggy who now wants to be called Emerald Elaine. 


Three is a magic number according to Schoolhouse Rock and powerful and perfect per the Omne trium perfectum. In photography, the rule of thirds is always best, there’s 3 sides to a perfect triangle, the 3 primary colors of blue, yellow and red of color theory, the 3 little pigs, a 3 ring circus, the 3 stooges, 3 French hens, 3 Billy goats gruff, Goldilocks and the 3 bears, 3 feet in a yard and the Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 


You love snacks, pouches, bananas, strawberries, yogurt and cinnamon for breakfast. Some other favorites include daddies pancakes, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, licorice, anything chocolate or sweet, cucumbers, watermelon, edamame, macaroni and cheese and we cannot forget our Dutch bros on Friday’s for smoothies.  You also love all smell good stuff. Tons of lipglosses, perfumes and especially soap! You can’t seem to get enough of that sniffing and collecting. I sense a soap photo shoot in the mere future. 


Emerald, you’re a huge Disney fan! At the moment one of your favorites is Sleeping Beauty. According to you, you’re Aurora and Maleficent, dad is the dragon, Caleb is Prince Phillip and mom is Maleficent’s piggies. Thanks Emerald. 😭 Your favorite part is the ending when Maleficent turns into an evil dragon.  Come to find out, you seem to love villains best in most movies. Very interesting. Lol. Ursula the octopus, the crocodile in Peter Pan (tick tock), Monstro the whale in Peter Pan, Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty and the Evil Queen in Snow White.  


At the moment, coincidently your favorite color is Emerald Green. You also like pink and baby blue.  For your photo shoot, I wanted to focus on Sleeping Beauty and the colors pink and blue for the dress like in the movie.  “Make it pink, make it blue.”  The fairies Fauna, Merryweather and Flora debated which color was best throughout the movie.  Since you’re turning three, I figured that pink and blue mixed together creates purple would be best with the theme.  Emerald, we love you and can’t wait to enjoy your third year with you. Stay chic, smart and fabulous. 



                                                                                                                                                  Mom, Dad and Caleb-y









[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) a dream is a wish your heart makes all the cradles aurora Disney prince Disneys sleeping beauty Disneys sleeping beauty leaning cake diy leaning cake dragon fairies fauna flora iridescent iridescent cape iridescent photo shoot iridescent sequin cape leaning cake make it blue make it pink maleficent maleficent dragon maleficent photo shoot merryweather metallic balloons piggies pink and blue pink and blue dress pink Disney dress pink jelly shoes prince prince Philip prince Philips sword and shield princess crown sequin sequin cape sleeping beauty sleeping beauty dragon sleeping beauty fairies sleeping beauty photoshoot sword and shield third birthday three tie dye backdrop touch the spindle https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2021/9/Sleeping-beauty-maleficent-dragon Mon, 20 Sep 2021 00:30:02 GMT
Pregnancy during the COVID-19 Pandemic https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2020/11/pregnancy-during-the-covid-19-pandemic  













As midnight struck on New Years Eve for the upcoming 2020 year, we had no idea the type of whirlwind rollercoaster we were about to jump onto. The first half of January was smooth sailing, and then on January 26th the world got news of Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash.  Not a huge basketball fan, but I did feel saddened by the news and was in complete shock. The sorrow prepared me for the phone call that I received about 30 minutes later that my own older brother Jimmy had passed away as well. Unbelievable is an understatement. This is when 2020 started to show its true colors.     


As in everything in life, we must feel the lowest of lows, in order to feel the highest of highs. I believe that when a family member leaves us, a new member joins. In March we found out we were blessed with our second child on the way.  In conjunction with the news, the COVID-19 aka Coronavirus global pandemic hit.  The Coronavirus is a man made infectious airborne virus stemming from Wuhan, China. Most people infected with this virus experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment. Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease; diabetes, chronic respiratory disease and cancer are more than likely to develop serious illness.  No cure or vaccine is to be heard of yet.  Some recommended precautions is to social distance about 6 feet from others, the frequent washing of hands, not touching our faces as well as the facial mask coverings of the nose and mouth to help flatten the curve. The virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Data is still being tracked on the virus impact on pregnant women.  Some studies have shown that pregnant women with COVID-19 are more likely to be hospitalized and are at increased risk for intensive care unit admission and may be at an increased risk for other adverse outcomes, such as preterm birth.  


I have been distancing myself from others during this time due to my pregnancy. As a mother, my job is to protect my child and myself. For humanity, I am playing my part and keeping my family and me safe during this crisis as well as others around me.  Kaiser does not allow my husband or daughter to attend medical appointments with me during this time.  When the baby is delivered, only my husband will be allowed in the room and we are to have no visitors, including my daughter. I am doing my due diligence.  


Due to America’s inability to flatten the curve, mandatory quarantined stay at home orders came into play and in some locations lasted up to 3-4 months or more. Workers started being sent home to telework, unemployment rates rose; many small businesses plunged while other businesses in the food and delivery service started to boom. Food ordering and delivery became only a click and confirm away. Toilet paper, Lysol wipes, gloves, masks, meats, eggs and milk were flying off supermarket shelves faster than they could restock again. Advanced technology came in handy with our ability to communicate with loved ones during this time such as Face Time, Skype and Zoom.  A massive baby boom hit and divorce rates began to skyrocket. Protests and social injustices were on the rise and politics started to divide the entire nation. What a time to be alive. 


Even through the world’s chaos, I find the calm. I am thankful and blessed for being able to telework during this pregnancy. Not having to commute, figure out maternity wear in the morning, bypassing the first trimester nausea, figuring out childcare and not having to deal with others negativity during the precious moments of growing a human. The cards were played out in my favor. It was my time to bunker down, focus on home life and reset. My multitasking skills have come in handy. Juggling two part-time jobs, being a wife, mother, making sure the house stays tidy and food stays on the table.  Down time does not exist and when it does, I am usually getting my mid-day 1 ½ hour nap in on a good day.  Having the extra time at home with my daughter and husband has been such a blessing. The quality time we are spending together before baby brother gets here is irreplaceable. 


By being born in 2020, I know that our son will be strong willed and exceptional.  It was important for me to document this historical time so that he can later look back and see how his growth and my growth worked side by side during this COVID-19 pandemic.  As a photographer, it was interesting this time around while taking my maternity photos with a two-year old.  Posing and staying still is simply not Emerald’s thing as you can see from our family photos. =)  The majority of the photos were taking by me on my tripod. It was important to document the last few weeks of my pregnancy with different themes, colors and locations.  I also did not feel comfortable hosting a baby shower this time around due to the virus, but instead just did a virtual type of Amazon registry for small items.  I thought about a drive-thru type of shower, but it is impossible to keep Emerald still in the front yard for more than a few minutes without her wanting to run into the street.  My family wants to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for the generous gifts that we have received.  We are excited to meet our little bundle of joy in a few weeks.


Enjoy the photos!



Celisse Elaine 













35 WEEKS - Halloween



[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) 2020 2020 halloween 2020 pandemic Ariel halloween Athena halloween black and white plaid black and white plaid photography blue monochromatic blue monochromatic photography boy bundle of joy Celisse Elaine photography chaise christian Siriano christian Siriano fuchsia mask christian Siriano mask coronavirus COVID COVID-19 fuchsia mask gold chaise green velvet dress its a boy mask masked maternity photos maternity maternity Ocean maternity ocean photos maternity photos maternity silhouette pandemic Pothos pregnancy during the COVID 19 Pandemic quarantine skims skims maternity skims maternity body suit son https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2020/11/pregnancy-during-the-covid-19-pandemic Wed, 04 Nov 2020 02:31:39 GMT
Día de los Muertos https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2020/11/dia-de-los-muertos


Día de los Muertos



Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a celebration of life and death. Día de los Muertos originated in ancient Mesoamerica (Mexico and northern Central America) where indigenous groups, including Aztec, Maya and Toltec, had specific times when they commemorated their loved ones who had passed away. Certain months were dedicated to remembering the departed, based on whether the deceased was an adult or a child. After the arrival of the Spanish, this ritual of commemorating the dead was intertwined with two Spanish holidays: All Saints Day (Nov. 1) and All Soul’s Day (Nov. 2). Día de los Muertos is often celebrated on Nov. 1 as a day to remember children who have passed away, and on Nov. 2 to honor adults. Día de los Muertos is an opportunity to remember and celebrate the lives of departed loved ones. Like any other celebration, Día de los Muertos is filled with music and dancing. The ofrenda is often the most recognized symbol of Día de los Muertos. This temporary altar is a way for families to honor their loved ones and provide them what they need on their journey. They place down pictures of the deceased, along with items that belonged to them and objects that serve as a reminder of their lives. Every ofrenda also includes the four elements: water, wind, earth and fire. Water is left in a pitcher so the spirits can quench their thirst. Papel picado, or traditional paper banners, represent the wind. Earth is represented by food, especially bread. Candles are often left in the form of a cross to represent the cardinal directions, so the spirits can find their way. Flowers, butterflies and skulls are typically used as symbols.  


I love to photograph various types of art and especially the sugar skulls.  Here are some of my favorite shots over the years thus far! 


Tibsen Cosmetics
Skull Candy
Dia De Los Muertos

Photographer: Celisse Elaine
Model: Matty
Shop: Tibsencosmetics.com
Makeup: Chrystallinajaartistry.com


2nd Model: Marisela Alcala

Photography by Celisse Elaine 



[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) all saints day all souls day altars day of the dead Día de los Muertos halloween Mexican holiday ofrendas skull art skull candy sugar skulls https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2020/11/dia-de-los-muertos Mon, 02 Nov 2020 03:36:35 GMT
Breakfast At Tiffany's by Celisse Elaine https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2020/10/breakfast-at-tiffanys









Today marks the 59th anniversary of the release of Breakfast at Tiffany's! Breakfast at Tiffany's is a 1961 American romantic comedy film directed by Blake Edwards, written by George Axelrod, adapted from Truman Capote's 1958 novella of the same name.  This theatrical film was released by Paramount Pictures on October 5, 1961, grossing about $14 million on a $2.5 million budget.  At the 34th Academy Awards, the film won Best Original Score and Best Original Song for "Moon River."  

The central theme of Breakfast at Tiffany's that we can all learn from, is that "nothing bad can ever happen to you."  Always remain positive and do your best and good things will come.  The main character played by Audrey Hepburn is Holly Golightly who is a very sassy women in her words and lifestyle. Whom is also a major fashion icon who went through various life breakdowns.  With her sass, she knew it was just a way of life to get what you want and to not get "stuck in a cage."  She has a strong need for security, safety and seeking a new home throughout the film.  



I had a fun time conducting a themed shoot for Breakfast at Tiffany's with Korrina Smith modeling/channeling Holly Golightly played by Audrey Hepburn.  I gathered a few of my favorite quotes from the movie as well as a few from Audrey Hepburn and put my own little twist on it.  

I hope you enjoy my story! 



Fifth Avenue, NYC

Tiffany & Co. 



Some of my favorite flicks of me and the historic Fifth Avenue's Tiffany & Co. in NYC.




Where is my breakfast?!!?



Photos and direction by Celisse Elaine 

Model: Korrina Smith as Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn).



[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) "why  "would "elegance "her "I "they 60s a about almost always am and atmosphere Audrey hepburn baby blue jewelry box beauty bedroom best Blake Edwards breakfast at Tiffanys breakfast at tiffanys eye mask breakfast at tiffanys New York breakfast at tiffanys sleep mask breakfast at Tiffanys themed shoot buddy ebsen but buttoned down white collared shirt camping-out celisse Elaine celisse Elaine photography celisse Elaine photography breakfast at tiffanys change consistent crates DIY breakfast at tiffanys eye mask doesn't don't drawer everyone everything eye mask fades" fifth avenue fifth avenue New York fifth avenue NYC found George axelrod George peppered get girl give go" has have her holly Golightly Hollywood production I in investment is it it" life is a party dress like it lipstick" little blue box little blue jewelry box love Manhattan Marilyn Monroe Martin balsam me mickey Rooney moon river more my never New York New York chic New York city nothing is impossible the word itself says its possible NYC October 5 1961 of only own packed paramount pictures parlor Patricia Neal perpetuated pure reach read ready return" romantic comedy same samsonite baby blue vintage suitcase say should sleep mask with closed eyes and eyelashes on the front sort stick style suitcases sure teal breakfast at tiffanys eye mask that the the beauty in a women is reflected in her soul their there thing this Tiffany & co Tiffany & co eye mask Tiffany & co NYC Tiffany & co themed shoot Tiffany blue tiffanys display window to Trumans Capote turquoise and gold eye mask turquoise boa turquoise eye mask upper east side upper east side Manhattan upper east side Manhattan of the 60s want want" was we wore masks all the way home what when where is my breakfast where's my breakfast with without you https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2020/10/breakfast-at-tiffanys Mon, 05 Oct 2020 13:15:56 GMT
Hello Kitty Watermelon https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2020/9/hellokittywatermelon  




This blog is dedicated to our Daughter Emerald Elaine Diaz who is now the BIG TWO YEARS OLD!


Mommy & Daddy could not be anymore proud of the young lady you have become so far.  Thank you for being so kind, loving and wise.  You are truly a blessing and always keeping us on our toes.  


WE LOVE YOU so much daughter!


Have you ever heard of a Sanrio club? My cousin and I actually created one growing up with us two being the only members.   We would put a little bit of cash each week into a pot and once enough money was saved, we would purchase a souvenir from the Sanrio store and raffle off who gets the grand prize out of the two. Sounds fairly simple, but it made our world.  

Now that I am older and the Sanrio store has vanished from our local mall, my sister Brittany introduced Emerald to Hello Kitty starting off with a car seat and stroller duo.  Now nearing two years old, Emerald loves that kitty from London.  She has pajamas, stuffed animals and books of Hello Kitty.  As I pondered what to do for her upcoming second birthday themed shoot, I thought about mixing two of her favorite things; Hello Kitty and Watermelon.  This girl LOVES her some watermelon.  She will scream for a bite, eat a whole bowl and even compete with her dad with who can eat it faster. I brainstormed some ideas online and thought to create a unique and fun filled theme!  I introduce to you Kawaii, HELLO KITTY WATERMELON!

Hello Kitty also known as Kitty White, is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, created by Yuko Shimizu and currently designed by Yuko Yamaguchi. Hello Kitty and her twin sister were born on November 1st.  They are both 3rd-grade students who live in the suburbs of London. She is as tall as five apples, and as heavy as three.  She lives with her parents and her twin sister Mimmy who is her best friend. Her hobbies include baking cookies, playing the piano and making new friends. As she always says, "you can never have too many friends!" She is known by her big red bow near her right ear, her distinctive whiskers and notably, no mouth. 


Photos & Direction by Celisse Elaine


Special LOVE & thanks to some of the props used:


Grandpa Velasquez/Smokey's workshop for the beautiful watermelon handmade blanket

Cookie_Dabbler for the detailed Watermelon Hello Kitty Cookies

Watermelon bows from Kind Ribbon

Watermelon Cake by Burnt Gingerbread Yum 

Watermelon Hello Kitty backpack from Aunt Brittany by Loungefly 








[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) 1974 5 apples tall ancient Egypt angiosperms anime Anthony white black seeds burnt gingerbread burnt gingerbread cake burnt gingerbread watermelon cake burnt gingerbread yum c.lanatu cartoon cat cat cartoon citrullus citrullus lanatus cookie dabber cucurbitaceae cucurbitales cultivated Daniel edible fruit eudicots fictional character fruit George white gijinka Harmonyland Haro Kiti Hello hello kitty hello kitty and friends hello kitty cinderella hello kitty Loungefly hello kitty no Mahō no Mori no Ohime hello kitty no oyayubi hello kitty watermelon hello kitty watermelon backpack hello kitty watermelon Loungefly backpack hello watermelon Hepburn Highly Japan Japanese Japanese popular culture kawaii Keroppi Kiti Howaito kitty kitty white London Loungefly Loungefly backpack magacomics Margaret white Mary white mimi mimmy mimmy white no mouth cat November 1 pepo plantae red bow rosids Sanrio Sanrio hello kitty town Sanrio Puroland seedless seeds Starr the adventures of hello kitty and friends tracheophytes trailing vine tropical twin cats vine like flowering plant watermelon watermelon blanket watermelon cake watermelon cookies watermelon felt cake watermelon hair clips watermelon juice watermelon seeds watermelon sugar cookies West Africa' Yuko Shimizu Yuko Yamaguchi https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2020/9/hellokittywatermelon Sat, 19 Sep 2020 15:01:58 GMT
Purple Heart Plant - Tradescantia Pallida https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2020/9/purpleheart


Purple Heart Plant

"Tradescantia Pallida"


Guitarist: Carlinhos Patriolino


Tradescantia pallida is a species of spiderwort more commonly known as Purple Heart, purple secretia, purple queen, wandering jew or walking jew.  It is native to the Gulf Coast region of eastern Mexico. This plant is widely used as an ornamental plant in gardens, borders, ground cover or as a hanging plant.  In colder climates where it cannot survive the winter season, it can also be used indoors as a houseplant. The deep purple hue may also turn more greenish when indoors.  



The purple foliage with hardy perennial long trailing stems and rambling vines grow like a weed. The stems grow long and form 3 petal fuchsia blossoms.  Start with a few strands and watch it thrive outdoors in the heat with indirect sunlight or up to 2-3 hours of direct sunlight. Some say the sun helps with color development.  Plants growing in the shade may tend to get more green than purple so it's best to have at least a few hours of sun. Make sure to keep the soil moist during the hot summer days watering at least every other day. Purple Hearts are easily propagated by cuttings and the stems are visibly segmented and then the roots will frequently grow from the joints.  Also, by pinching the plants it promotes more compact growth.  Sometimes the stems may get very long and twiggy.  You can keep them long or prune them during the fall/summer months and repot in other places or within the same pot to get it thicker.  



During the winter months the tops may get killed by moderate frosts, but will often sprout back from roots.  I bring most of my plants into my sunroom or garage during the really cold winter days/nights if possible.  If not, covering them with a sheet during frosty nights may help.  Once the heat and sun makes it way again, bring them back outside for the new season and start the cycle all over again.  


Good luck with your planting venture! May the purple foliage bless you.  If interested if purchasing any plants, E-mail Me




                                                                                                                                 Celisse Elaine




Photos by Celisse Elaine



[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) angiosperms Carlinhos Patriolino commeelinaceae commelinales commelinids commelinoideae deep purple hue deep purple hue plant eastern Mexico plant evergreen perennial garden gardener gardening guitarist jew monocots Moses in the basket ornamental plant planta purple purple foliage Purple Heart purple hue purple queen purple secretia rambling vines setcreasea pallida spiderwort tracheophytes tradescantia tradescantia pallida tradescantieae tradescantiinae trailing stems violent violet hue walking jew wandering wandering jew https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2020/9/purpleheart Fri, 04 Sep 2020 07:15:43 GMT
Happy Lunar New Year!!! https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2020/1/lunar-new-year  




 I enjoy learning and photographing Chinese/Lunar New Year traditions, celebrations and animal zodiac signs. The bright colors keep me in awe as well as the formality and symbolism.  In my series, I hope to bring inspiration and love to others.  


Also known as the Spring Festival, Lunar New Year welcomes Spring, new harvest, beginnings and fresh starts.  Make sure to clean up the house as much as possible before the new year starts. Sweeping and throwing out the garbages isn't allowed before the 5th to make sure the good luck was not washed away!  Let's see how many days I can go before cleaning with a 16 month year old running around.  


My daughter, Emerald, was born in 2018 and is "Year of the Dog."  

In 2019 I started my Twelve year animal zodiac Lunar New Year series with her.

Starting with "Year of the Pig" and will conclude 12 years later with "Year of the Dog." 





Recent years of the Rat are: 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020.


First of all zodiac animals, Yang, Beginning of a new day

Clever, quick thinkers, successful, content with living a quiet and peaceful life.

Optimistic, energetic, likable by all, sensitive to other's emotions, but are stubborn with your opinion.

Personality is kind, but their words may seem impolite and rude. 


Most compatible: Ox, Dragon, Monkey

Least compatible: Horse, Goat, Rabbit

Year of the Rat 2020Year of the Rat 2020 Year of the Rat 2020Year of the Rat 2020

Year of the Rat 2020Year of the Rat 2020
Year of the Rat 2020Year of the Rat 2020 Year of the Rat 2020Year of the Rat 2020

For the "Year of the Rat" themed photoshoot, I incorporated the traditional Chinese/Lunar New Year colors of red and gold.  I also wanted to incorporate Rat props, Chinese red envelope, a jacket from Shanghai China and Emerald's Little Tikes Cozy Coupe car.  



mixed with Pantone's Color of the Year 2019-Living Coral


Recent years of the Pig are: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019


Twelfth of all zodiac signs, Yin, Symbol of Wealth

Beautiful personality, blessed with good fortune, realistic

Energetic, enthusiastic


Most compatible: Tiger, Rabbit, Goat

Least compatible: Snake, Monkey

Year of the Pig 2019Year of the Pig 2019

For the "Year of the Pig" themed photoshoot,  I combined classic pig objects (Piggy bank, Piglet from Disney's Winnie the Pooh and Pippo from Sanrio with Pantone's Color of the 2019 Year (Living Coral). 





Here are a few useful links to gather more information about a particular animal zodiac not yet mentioned and the calendar of events. 


What is your animal zodiac?


Background on Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year Calendar of Events



Chinatown in San Francisco and Locke Historic District, are Chinese landmarks that I have had the privilege to photograph.  



Chinatown, SF, CA

So many photographic moments happen in San Francisco.  This tiny, yet big city is so diverse and full of cultural.   On this occasion it was 2012, the year of the dragon which is my husbands year.  

China Town, SF, CAChina Town, SF, CA Empress of China, China Town, SF, CAEmpress of China, China Town, SF, CA

One of my favorite photographs taken as a Sacramento resident and San Francisco explorer. 

Cultural ShockCultural Shock


Locke Historic District, CA

 Locke became historical on 8/2/1970, by the Sacramento County Historical Society, because of its unique status as the only town in the United States built exclusively by the Chinese for the Chinese. 

My family and I enjoy visiting Locke.  We have gone for years and always enjoyed grabbing dinner at Locke Garden and walking around checking out the town and its hidden treasures.  Every visit, I spot something new.  The historic district is located in the Sacramento-San Joaquin delta.  This drive is relaxing and right next to the river. We plan to take Emerald to Locke for the first time sometime this year. 

Locke, CALocke, CA

THE doors

are very interesting in Locke.
Locke, CALocke, CA
Locke, CALocke, CA Locke, CALocke, CA


Photography and verbiage by Celisse Elaine Photography



[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) art by color black black and white photography bw celisse elaine celisse elaine photography Chinatown chinatown San Francisco chinatown sf Chinese Chinese lanterns Chinese new year CNY dog doors dragon goat horse light locke Locke California Locke historic district Locke national historic landmark Lockes doors lunar new year monkey national historic landmark ox photo shoot photography pig rabbit rat red rooster snake tiger year of the dog year of the dragon year of the goat year of the horse year of the monkey year of the ox year of the pig year of the rabbit year of the rat year of the rooster year of the snake year of the tiger zodiac zodiac animals https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2020/1/lunar-new-year Sat, 25 Jan 2020 07:33:38 GMT
'Tis The Season https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2020/1/tis-the-season  




with Celisse Elaine



It is gorgeous outside!Foliage is everywhere this time of year! 


Mom & Daughter LoveMom & Daughter Love



Shades of Red, Red, Red! Need I say more?





Yes, Yes, Yes, because GREEN I adore!




Forget the standard and create your own rules. Color block and mix match, whatever you choose! 



It's the time of year for fashionista patterns and color combinations! 


Gingerbread ManGingerbread Man


Let's not forget fun Christmas card themes!


Molar BearsMolar Bears

Alice in WonderlandAlice in Wonderland KISSKISS I swear to tell the whole TOOTHI swear to tell the whole TOOTHWe Swear to tell the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth. Wily WonkaWily Wonka



Whimsical tree branches are all over Sacramento this time of year!



A legitimate reason to take photos near a Christmas Tree!




Where wrapping yourself in garland can be cool! 




Or better yet, Christmas lights!


Core MemoriesCore Memories


So what are you waiting for?!  Book a session now with Celisse Elaine! 


Photos by Celisse Elaine Photograpy



[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) celisse elaine celisse elaine photography holiday holiday photos holiday photos in Sacramento holidays photo shoot photography Sacramento Sacramento holiday shoot Sacramento photography 'Tis the season https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2020/1/tis-the-season Fri, 10 Jan 2020 19:57:00 GMT
The Addams Family by Celisse Elaine https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2019/10/adaams-family






duh, duh, duh, duhhhh...



They're creepy and they're kooky
Mysterious and spooky
They're all together ooky
The Addams family
Their house is a museum
Where people come to see 'em
They really are a scream
The Addams family
So get a witches shawl on
A broomstick you can crawl on
We're gonna pay a call on
The Addams family









"I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color." -Wednesday Addams 

May I have the salt?...







"Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly." -Morticia Addams

Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc


Photography by Celisse Elaine

Models: Marisela Alcala and Isamar Ballesteros 


[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) addams family addamses b/w black black and white Celisse elaine celisse elaine addams family celisse elaine photography charles addams creepy duh dun duh dun halloween hand thing kooky macabre mizzy morticia morticia addams Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly photo shoot pop of red spooky the addams family thing thing hand vic vic mizzy vic mizzy the addams family wednesday wednesday addams white https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2019/10/adaams-family Wed, 23 Oct 2019 06:19:36 GMT
Cherry Tree Blossoming in Sacramento by Celisse Elaine https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2019/4/cherry-blossoms  




Ahh, Spring!!!  The blossoming of cherry blossoms and warmer weather always brings a smile upon my face. Cherry blossoms, aka Sakura, are Japan's national flower which symbolize clouds, spring time, renewal and the fleeting nature of life. The pastel pink hue always outshines other trees and when I see them, I know that I have to act quickly to photograph.  

In the Sacramento area, cherry blossoms are very time sensitive and their beauty peaks typically for two weeks during the end of March. Depending on the weather and rainfall, the blossoms then start to fall. Cherry blossoms remind us that life is short and to pay attention.  They are a sight to see and perfect for capturing photos. This 2019 year, I was thrilled to photograph a friend's family Maternity session at McKinley Park in Sacramento, CA while they were in bloom.  It was the golden hour and the lighting was perfect.  I couldn't have asked for a better session.

Cherry: The Last Spring


Look at the cherry blossoms! Their color and scent fall with them, Are gone forever, Yet mindless The spring comes again. " Ikkyu

“What a strange thing!
to be alive
beneath cherry blossoms.” 
― Kobayashi Issa, 


Macro CherryMacro Cherry Cherry ClusterCherry Cluster

Come see the cherry trees of a water constellation and the round key of the rapid universe, come touch the fire of instantaneous blue, come before its petals are consumed."  Pablo Neruda



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Beauty and The Beast by Celisse Elaine https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2018/8/beauty-the-beast





for beauty is found within...



For who could ever learn to love a beast...



Be Our Guest!


There may be something there that was not there before...




You don't have time to be timid.  You must be bold darling!




I wan't much more than this provincial life.



The rose she had offered was truly an enchanted rose, which would bloom until his 21st year. If he could learn to love another, and earn her love in return by the time the last petal fell, then the spell would be broken. If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast for all time.



“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere! I want it more than I can tell!”– Belle



I just finished the most amazing story...


Fun shot of Celisse Elaine (30 weeks pregnant) & Belle Latefa (BTS)




Inspiration and quotes from Disney's Beauty and the Beast


Photos by Celisse Elaine Photography


See the entire shoot!


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[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) be our guest beast beauty beauty and the beast belle California state capitol celisse Elaine photography Disney Disney themed Disney's beauty and the beast enchanted rose for beauty is found within for who could ever learn to love a beast I just finished the most amazing story I want adventure in the great wide somewhere I want much more than this provincial life red rose Sacramento Sacramento photo shoot tale as old as time the beast themed Disney photo shoot there may be something there that was not there before you don't have time to be timid you must be bold darling https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2018/8/beauty-the-beast Sun, 12 Aug 2018 13:43:59 GMT
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2018/6/seehearspeaknoevil








Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? Wouldn't you think my collection is complete?  Special thanks to Disney’s animated version of “The Little Mermaid” for permanently engraving images into my creative system as a child for me to depict in adulthood.  Ariel, the memaid, encounters a male human named Prince Eric who was washed upon shore due to a shipwreck.   She lures and serenades him while he is half unconscious.  Right before gaining full consciousness, she withdraws and hops back into the sea leaving him on an endless voyage seeking that beautiful voice. 


After Ariel makes a deal with Ursula, the sea witch, she looses her voice, gains a pair of legs and is sent to land for three days.  During those three days, she must obtain a kiss of true love from Eric before the sun sets on the third day in order to stay human; otherwise, Ariel will turn back into a mermaid and will be bond to Ursula forever.  During those three days, Ariel encounters multiple obstacles and Ursula deceitfully portrays Ariel's voice and appearance to gain Eric’s true love to be vindictive and evil.  One cannot just go off a voice and apperance and call it true.  Where is the depth? Where is the understanding? How did everything come to be? Eric was deceived by mischief. 


Popularly known as the 1+1=2 formula, if you see or hear no evil, then one will speak no evil. By seeing and hearing no evil, means one should not judge something as evil automatically.  Instead, one should inquire and understand in order to develop a more accurate understanding.  Speaking no evil means our words should be considerate of others and not lack empathy.  Never communicate to hurt, but instead communicate to understand.  Always keep a pure mind and do not look upon nor gawk anything evil.  By digesting evil, it creates an endless cycle and by being able to acknowldge and break the cycle, one frees themselves from a pit of eternal misunderstanding.  



{Behind The Scenes Footage}


"I must be a mermaid... I have no fear of debts and a great fear of shallow living." - Writer Anais Nin


"The secret of the power in their song; it is the sound of the subversive, luring us from the orderly conscious world down to the depth of the world of dreams, and the harder we try to ignore that singing, the more we desperately want to hear it." - Meri Lao, Seduction and the Secret Power of Woman



"Supremely beautiful, forever combing her hair, just beyond reach of men, mermaids have beckoned the adventurous to the unknown and the promise of forbidden fruits." - Beatrice Phillpotts, Mermaids 


"Water has always been a feminine symbol - it is natural that the water spirits should most often be symbolized as female." - Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages



Photos, Direction and Writings by Celisse Elaine Photography

Modeling: Diane Westfall

Teal Monochromatic Folder


[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) 40e0d0 ariel blue blue monochromatic celisse elaine photography disney disneys the little mermaid evil face makeup scales goddess of water hear no evil hear no evil see no evil speak no evil iwazaru kikazaru mermaid mermaid scales mizaru monochromatic mythical creature no evil ombre blue pictorial maxim prince eric sea witch see no evil siren sirens speak no evil teal teal monochromatic the little mermaid third eye three mysticopes three wise monkeys turquoise turquoise monochromatic turquoise stone ursula vitruvian man vitruvian woman zen https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2018/6/seehearspeaknoevil Tue, 19 Jun 2018 04:41:01 GMT
Photographing Silhouettes by Celisse Elaine https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2018/5/silhouettes  



Photographing Silhouettes: 



What is a Silhouette?


  • dark shape/outline of someone or something visible against a lighter background. Especially in dim light where the object is usually black. 


Silhouette photography has always been a favorite of mine.  Silhouettes convey drama, mystery, emotion and mood all within a photo.  It leaves viewers with a running imagination by accentuating curves, lines and shapes.



What is the difference between a Silhouette & Shadow?


Silhouettes are images of a subject, depicting their outlines across a light source.  Shadows form when the subjects obstructs flow of light and subjects outline falls on a solid surface.



A few famous movies where a silhouette was present:


  • Opening credits for James Bond films
  • Psycho- famous gruesome shower scene
  • E.T.- flying the bicycle in front of the white full moon
  • Disney's Peter Pan while flying in front of the Big Ben Wall Clock Tower 
  • Disney's Fantasia as the orchestra plays their instruments with rainbow accents in the background






  • Set your aperture (f-stop) for 8.0 or higher for two reasons: 1) You want a large depth of field, so that all of the details are in focus; 2) To reduce the amount of chromatic aberration that often comes with shooting into the sun.


  • Increase your shutter speed.


  • Keep your ISO as low as possible.


RootRoot BalanceBalance Aura'sAura's



Landscapes/Photography: Low Key Lighting


  • Best time is early in the day or late at night when the sun is low in the sky (rising or setting)
  • Chose a strong subject
  • Turn off the flash
  • Get settings/light correct
  • Frame the image
  • Make silhouette shapes distinct & uncluttered
  • Manual mode preference
  • Patience
  • Post processing final edits.


Land of the FreeLand of the Free

3's a Crowd3's a Crowd JumpJump


Tunnel VisionTunnel Vision



All photo rights Celisse Elaine Photography

Want to book a silhouette shoot?

Contact- [email protected]



[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) . baby bump silhouette black celisse elaine photography disney's fantasia disney's peter pan e.t. james bond credits light low key lighting maternity photography psycho shower scene sacrament silhouette photographer sacramento photographer sexy sexy photography shadows silhouette silhouette lines silhouette photography silhouette shapes white https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2018/5/silhouettes Wed, 02 May 2018 05:15:44 GMT
Mystical Boudoir Photography in Sacramento by Celisse Elaine https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2018/1/mystical-boudoir  






by Celisse Elaine







Boudoir /ˈbo͞oˌdwär/  Photography:


  • Intimate, romantic and sometimes erotic images of subjects in an ornate bedroom or private dressing room environment dating back to the 1920's.


  • Pose partially clothed or in lingerie.  








Surprise your Valentine with the most special gift, YOU! 


Capture timeless candid and posed photographs for that special person in your life.  


GREAT gifts from the Brides to Be for the groom before the big day!  


Don't forget anniversaries, birthdays, weight loss and servicemen overseas.


The ideas are endless and YOU set the rules! 


He Loves Me, He Loves Me NotHe Loves Me, He Loves Me Not He Loves Me, He Loves Me NotHe Loves Me, He Loves Me Not He Loves Me, He Loves Me NotHe Loves Me, He Loves Me Not He Loves Me, He Loves Me NotHe Loves Me, He Loves Me Not He Loves Me, He Loves Me NotHe Loves Me, He Loves Me Not He Loves Me, He Loves Me NotHe Loves Me, He Loves Me Not He Loves Me, He Loves Me NotHe Loves Me, He Loves Me Not  





 Boudoir Silhouette Series 2015







A boudoir client generally has never posed in intimate apparel on camera, let alone "looking sexy".  Scheduling a shoot is often the toughest, yet most rewarding decision anyone could make.  It's a great confidence booster and a gift for oneself! Being a woman is empowering and one should accentuate their curves and celebrate being sexy.




Sun KissedSun KissedBodega Bay



Direction and Photography by Celisse Elaine


  • Much love to Apple for the Unicorn Emoji. I wouldn't be as mystical without you. 
  • Special shout out to my unicorns!  You know who you are.  


View the Boudoir folder 




[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) apple apple unicorn emoji boudoir boudoir photography celisse elaine celisse elaine photography erotic erotic art erotica fine art from bouder glamour leopard lingerie lingerie mystical mystical boudoir in sacramento mystical photographs nudity photo shoot photographer photography photos places in sacramento for boudoir pout pouting private room romance room sacramento boudoir photography sexy sexy unicorn sexy unicorn emoji string sulk unicorn unicorn emoji https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2018/1/mystical-boudoir Thu, 01 Feb 2018 00:48:32 GMT
Red Monochromatic https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2017/12/red-monochromatic  




“There is a shade of red for every woman.” – Audrey Hepburn


“Red of course, is the color of the interior of our bodies.  In a way it’s inside out, red.” – Anish Kapoor






My thoughts...

Red is the color of blood, the first color we come into contact with when we are born.  Red is a very powerful and bold color that not everyone can pull off.  To me, red is love, boldness and associated with the root chakra.  It is noted that the root chakra is the base of our alignment and in order to be completely balanced per se, one must start with the root.  When I thought of models, my good friend Sabrina stood out. She loves the color red and I felt as if she would be the perfect candidate.  With so many changes going on in her life over the past year, she has embarked on a new journey by being been forced into change and has also learned the true definition of courage.  

Sabrina and I met and played softball during our adolescent years.  We were both pitchers, very competitive and played late into our teens.  She was the fast pitcher, I was the junk.  She was the power hitter, I had the wheels.   We were pretty much a team within a team.  When I took Sabrina's photos three years ago for the Express Yourself photography series, she was in a different stage of her life.  Fast forward three years and here she is doing another themed shoot in her 30's feeling more confident than ever.    


During the creative process of the monochromatic series, Sabrina and I collaborated on ideas and themes.  Originally she was scheduled to shoot during the summer, but the timing never worked out.  December quickly approached and the color red couldn't have come at a better time.  We went for two looks.  The first was a Red Flower child embellished with a DIY poinsettia brassiere that Sabrina made and an afro which was filled with sparkly red Christmas holly.  We wanted an outdoor shot with a red smoke filled sky.  This was the first time using a smoke bomb and boy I tell you, it was not easy!  I have a hard time already opening champagne bottles, let alone a smoke bomb.  After multiple attempts, Sabrina finally ignited the smoke bomb.  Once the smoke filled the entire backyard sky, I realized the camera lens couldn't see a thing!  I grabbed a few fun shots and am grateful to have captured some behind the scenes video.  The benefits of having not one, but two cameras! 

For the other look, we aimed at a more hip vibe. At first, Sabrina mentioned channeling Lil' Kim and then we put our own twist to it. I created a DIY red balloon background that morning and grabbed two of my favorite red chairs along with a red light.  We had fun with this look and showed a few of our dancing moves in the video posted.  I forgot to mention, we both love to dance and absolutely love music.  It was only appropriate to incorporate some music from Sabrina's red playlist into her shoot.  

Sabrina brought it and killed it!  I am so proud of her.  As a photographer I aim to bring out the best in others.  Going through the photos with Sabrina after the shoot and seeing the smile it brought upon her face, brought me a sense of calmness knowing that I did my job and am forever grateful. 



Celisse Elaine




Here are a few questions that I gave Sabrina to answer verbatim...


CE: What made you choose the color "red" for the monochromatic photography series?

SR: Because it's bold in your face.  You can't help BUT notice red.  The color red is so bad, they charge you extra car insurance!! Red is naturally powerful.  Like... your blood is naturally red.  Your heart is naturally red.  You naturally turn red when you feel some sort of emotion like blushing or anger.  Red represents love, rage, passion and relief.  Nothing says I love you like red roses.  You can get so mad, all you see is red.  Passion like how vampires want your blood (red) or how when you really want something, you'll put in blood (red) sweat and tears.  Red, it doesn't get any hotter.  


CE: What do you think of automatically when it comes to the color red?

SR: Roses, blood, lips, hearts, anger, love


CE: How did you feel prior to the shoot?

SR: Nervous.  I honestly didn't feel worthy enough to represent such a powerful color like red.  Red always makes a statement.  I wanted to lose weight.  I wanted some high-end RED items that I really couldn't afford.  Once I realized those things weren't going to happen, I felt defeated and didn't think I would do Red or Celisse Elaine Photography justice. LOL. But then I had to think back on what red really represents.  Red is the color of passion, red is the color of love.  So... if I just PUT LOVE and PASSION into what I do have and what I can do... then I'm cool. 


CE: How did you feel after the shoot?

SR: Amazed.  Shocked.  More self-assured? Like, wow. I am sexy. Wow. I can take a picture looking like a model and wow that's me, I did that! I feel like I understand photography and the importance of recording EVERYTHING!!  I'm more confident and feel more in tuned with the inner, no filter me.  So many beautiful, effortless, honest pictures were captured.  I'm so ready to show more and unleash more.  


CE: Was the red monochromatic photoshoot what you expected? 

SR: NOT AT ALL! Man, you couldn't make this stuff up! Everything just naturally fell into place. Like nothing went wrong, if anything everything went right.  Completely exceeded my expectations.  Like I said, I didn't see this beautiful, amazing project coming.  It was creative, it was bold, it was unique, it was authentic.  I'm very basic, so I was like expecting to show up camera ready, "be on time" lol, knock these shots out, the end.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  



View all photos:  http://celisseelaine.com/red



Photography, Video, Direction and Styling by Celisse Elaine

Modeling, Makeup and Styling by Sabrina Robb



[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) anger anish kapoor attention audrey hepburn blood blush celisse elaine celisse elaine photography chakra change confidence courage crimson cupid danger desire determination diy balloon wall backdrop energy engine fashion fashionista fire flame flower child focus fueled by fire good fortune grounding heart lil' kim love mars passion poinsettia poinsettia bra poinsettia brassiere power red red afro red balloon backdrop red bra red holly red monochromatic red monochrome red ombre red christmas holly romance root rooted rooted in love rose ruby ruby red sabrina robb scarlet stable tomato victory vitality war https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2017/12/red-monochromatic Fri, 01 Dec 2017 18:28:05 GMT
JOKER https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2017/10/Joker






Photography and Direction by Celisse Elaine Photography

Modeling & Makeup by Marisela Alcala 

[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) 0 all it takes is one bad day bat woman batman bleached white skin celisse elaine photography chemical waste criminal mastermind diy joker costume female female joker female joker cosplay female joker makeup fictional super-villan gotham gotham city halloween have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight i believe whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you stranger insane insane joker jester joker joker card joker cosplay joker costume jokerette let's put a smile on that face photo shoot razor tipped playing cards robin sexy female joker smiling grotesquely suicide squad super-villian the fool trickster villian why so serious wild card xxii zero https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2017/10/Joker Sat, 28 Oct 2017 18:46:42 GMT
Purple Monochromatic... Once Upon A Dream https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2017/9/purple-monochromatic







3 card spread-

Mind - Body - Spirit 













Photography, direction and props by Celisse Elaine

Modeling & MUA by Alexandra Velasquez 


[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) amethyst aries aries zodiac aurora awakening beach bodega bay briar rose ca celisse elaine photography chakra crow crown crown chakra death disney disneys sleeping beauty dreaming gemstones high priestess ice house intuition major arcana modern mythologies monochromatic purple monochrome purple ocean once upon a dream photo shoot purple purple feather ram roman numerals sleeping beauty soul spindle spiritual transformation subconscious tarot card tarot reading touch the spindle true loves kiss wheel of fortune whirlpool wisdom woke zodiac https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2017/9/purple-monochromatic Fri, 22 Sep 2017 04:57:43 GMT
DIY- Papier-Mâché Humpty Dumpty & Easter Eggs https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2017/4/diypapiermachehumptydumptyegg


DIY: Papier-Mâché 

Humpty Dumpty Easter Eggs



Papier-Mâché: pāpər məˈSHā 

  • A malleable mixture of paper and glue, and water, that becomes hard when dry.
  • Originates from China; the inventors of paper itself.


Artists aren’t really people.

And I’m actually 40% Papier-Mâché.

– Steven Morrissey

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men,

Couldn’t put Humpty together again.


Nursery rhymes were a huge part of my childhood.  One of my all-time favorite characters is good ol’ Humpty Dumpty. Humpty Dumpty has a rounded bottom and plump mid-section making Humpty well balanced.  Humpty is known for relaxing and minding its own business, when others would come and bother causing imbalance leading to the great fall and cracked egg.  The fall that Humpty took was only fatal due to ascending to such heights and others desiring to push or pull him down so that they could enjoy the view at the top instead.  Morale of the story is, be balanced and mindful to yourself and others. 

I decided to create my own Humpty Dumpty while preparing the Papier-Mâché Easter Eggs.  Gathering Spring items and incorporating new ideas for props, adds elements of surprise for the children during the Easter Mini photo shoots.  While brainstorming for the minis this year, I recalled grade school and how Papier-Mâché brought me joy.  Papier-Mâché is fun for all age groups and it lets the imagination run free. Both Humpty and the Easter Eggs have the same foundation of a balloon covered with newspaper/glue/water.  Humpty's creation included:  fabric, buttons, shoes, arms, facial expressions and accessories.  I alternated between a Crown and a Mad Hatter Hat.  I also left a piece of the top of the egg opened leaving the impression that the egg has a small crack.  Meaning, we all have imperfections and may tend to fall at times, but at the end of the day it is all about getting up and trying again. 


See below for behind the scenes photos of the process of making Humpty Dumpty and the enlarged Papier Mache eggs for this Easter season!










  • Elmer’s glue- about 5+ large bottles (depending on quantity of eggs desired)







  • Water & Large Bowl







  • A ton of newspaper à cut into 1-2 inch strips









  • Paper trimmer/cutter/scissors







  • Acrylic Paint à various colors per your liking & white for base







  • A bag of balloons à size depends on desired egg size







  • Sponges cut into desired patterns/shapes (optional) 







  • Paint Brushes & Paint Palette









  • Painters tape (optional)









  • Modge Podge (optional for shine)









  • Tissue paper in contrasting colors (optional)












  • Find a clear area & set down newspaper as a table cloth to avoid spills.
  • Blow up the balloons to the size/shape desired (oval/egg like).

  • Mix 1 bottle of glue with 1/3 cup warm water.









  • Cut or tear multiple strips of newspaper into 1-2 ½ inches wide.








  • Dip each strip into the glue and rub off any excess glue on the side of bowl.









  • Cover the balloon with strips of newspaper while trying to keep them as smooth as possible taking off any excess liquid with fingers. 









  • Let each layer dry overnight.  Allow 24 hours between layers. (3 coats=3 separate nights)
















  • Pop the balloon underneath once the form/structure has hardened.









  • Use white acrylic paint to primer the bottom color layer so you cannot see the newspaper. 









  • Can add modge podge if desired to make the egg shiny and tissue paper for fun designs. 









  • Can add fabric, buttons, gloves, shoes and paint for facial expressions on Humpty Dumpty! Can use glue gun, hot glue, glue spray or whatever the imagination can think of!





















Styling, crafting & photography by Celisse Elaine 


[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) aabb alice all the king's horses all the king's men art balloon brick wall celisse elaine photography character crack cracked egg cracked egg shell create crown diy diy easter egg dumpty easter easter egg easter mini easter photo shoot egg elmer's glue entropy fairytale fall famous egg fashion fictional character fictional egg folk glue great fall humpty humpty dumpty king richard iii of england king's horses king's men l. frank baum lewis carroll little big red chair mad hatter malleable mixture masks master melody modge podge mother goose newspapers nursery rhyme nursery rhyme character obese paint eggs painters tape paper paper mache papier mache personified egg poem poetry pragmatics prosopagnosia quatrain rhyme riddle rosy cheeks semantics spring steven morrissey through the looking glass together again trochaic metre w.w. denslow https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2017/4/diypapiermachehumptydumptyegg Thu, 13 Apr 2017 01:57:33 GMT
Black and White Photography: Creating Timeless B&W Photos https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2017/3/TimelessBNW  






Creating Timeless 

Black and White Photos



{ Master ways to capture timeless black and white photographs for

portraits, weddings and landscapes

using texture, contrasting colors and patterns. }





Photograph their souls



“When you photograph people in color,

you photograph their clothes.

But when you photograph people in black and white,

you photograph their souls.”

– Ted Grant




 Texture, Patterns & Contrast


Compare the backdrop shade to the subject's skin tone, attire and accessories. 

If the background is dark, subjects should wear lighter shades of clothing and vice versa.

Capture texture on the subjects hands, face and eyes. 



Solid black or solid white

Busy patterns or prints that distract the eye

Matching colors and prints















Getting Ready Photos


Getting ready photos rendered in black and white are my personal favorite! A black and white photo creates a timeless classical feel within each image. The dressing room is full of contrasting colors, leaving the black and white images uniform and appealing to the eye.  I always suggest black and white wedding getting ready photos to my clients.


*** •***

* *




Visualize beyond color 


Black and white photography captures timeless and classical moments.  Seek contrast and a wide range of grays within the shot from solid white to solid black.  Look beyond color and visualize repetitive shapes, textures, tones, shadows, lines and patterns which create depth and drama.  


YosemiteYosemite YosemiteYosemite


“Black and white photography is truly quite a

‘departure from reality,’ and the transition

from one aspect of visual magic to another

was not as complete as many imagine.”

-Ansel Adams


YosemiteYosemite ReversedReversed


“Black and white are the colors of photography.

To me they symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair

to which mankind is forever subjected.”

– Robert Frank


LockeLocke Tunnel VisionTunnel Vision 1978 GRAIN 20141978 GRAIN 2014

Cultural ShockCultural Shock Tower BridgeTower Bridge TIMESTIMES 1.6181.618



Thanks for checking out the blog!  Stay tuned for future articles.



Celisse Elaine



[email protected] (Celisse Elaine Photography) Ansel Adams B&W b&w landscapes B&W photography b&w portraits b&w tunnel b&w wedding photography b/w nature black Black & White black and white black and white landscapes black and white nature black and white photo shoot black and white photography black and white portraits black and white tunnel black and white wedding photography black and white wedding photos BNW BNW landscapes bnw nature BNW photography bnw portraits BNW tunnel BNW wedding photography celisse elaine photography china town classical classical photographs classical photography contrast depth drama emotional photographs emotional photography high contrast light monochrome monochrome b/w monochrome b/w photography monochrome black and white photography monochrome BNW monochrome bnw photography nature New York NYC perception photo shoot post processing post processing black and white RAW Robert Frank Sacramento Sacramento China Town San Francisco Santa Barbara Santa Barbara courthouse santa Barbara courthouse spiral staircase SF subjects soul Ted Grant timeless timeless photographs timeless photography Times Square Tower bridge Tower bridge Sacramento tunnel white wrinkles https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2017/3/TimelessBNW Sat, 25 Mar 2017 19:58:38 GMT
Timing is Everything: Best Times to Capture Magical Photos https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2017/3/CaptureMagicalPhotos


Discover the Importance


of How and When to Photograph Magical


Landscapes and Portraits


During the


Twilight and Golden Hour




Golden Hour

a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset which daylight is redder and softer than when the sun is higher in the sky. 

Golden HourGolden Hour Iron WrappedIron Wrapped RiseRise



Twilight Hour

a time period between the night and day.  The Sun is below the horizon and the light is visible illuminating upper layers of the atmosphere creating a blue hue. 



To obtain the best lighting for photography, Google "sunrise and sunset times" with desired location. The best times to photograph landscapes and portraits in order to get a softer/warmer feel, are during the Golden and Twilight Hour.  The Golden and Twilight Hour, also known as the Magic Hour, occurs when the sun is near the horizon and sunlight travels through a greater depth of the atmosphere, reducing the intensity of direct light and the illumination comes from indirect light from the sky. Lens flares also add illuminating touches to photographs and occur when light is scattered or flared from a camera lens when directed at the sun. Flares add nice touches to photographs creating dimension within a photo when the Sun is low in the sky. A cloud filled sky may also act as a natural filter, but if no clouds are present and the sun directly hits the subject outside of the Magic Hour time slot, it may create hard light and shadows which results in overexposure of the photo.  Timing and the Sun both play a huge factor while traveling.  Being on the open road and capturing the light throughout the day is truly magical!  Below, you will see some of my favorite photographs captured during sunrise and sunset. I want to differentiate how the same image can vary in such a short time span according per time of day.      



Great Reno Hot Air Balloon Race

Reno, NV


It was a goal to view the Great Reno Hot Air Ballon Race, so waking up early in the AM in order to capture amazing photographs for the Super Glow segment at 5AM and the Dawn Patrol at 5:30AM was on the itinerary. Here are some of the images captured during the show from the beginning until Mass Ascension.  This annual race occurs every September and has been one of my favorite adventures because spectators can get close to the balloons and conductors.

View more of my photographs!


Great Reno Balloon Race



Bluff International Balloon Festival

Bluff, UT


It was my 29th birthday in Bluff, Utah while viewing the annual Bluff International Balloon Festival early that morning.  Watching the balloonists come together and prepare their balloons before liftoff early in the AM amongst the desert rock landscape was amazing.  The lighting was magical and I captured Twilight and Golden Hour photos.  It was a memorable birthday full of balloons in the vast open desert sky!

View more of my photographs!


Bluff International Balloon Festival


Key West, FL


While vacationing at Key West, FL, one of my favorite moments was capturing the Key West, FL sunrise.  While lodging near the dock that read “90 Miles to Cuba," I set the alarm 30 minutes prior to sunrise in order to capture that special once in a lifetime moment.  Early that morning, the tripod was set on the dock awaiting the Sun to show it's true colors.  Soon enough, an orange beam of light flared an impression upon the water and peeked through the canvas looking clouds filling the morning sky.  Needless to say, it was one of the most beautiful moments experienced and captured. 





Trona Pinnacles

Trona, San Bernardino County, CA


Being that Death Valley estimates around 129 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months, visiting around my 31st birthday in January seemed do-able.  Encountering an off road gem on accident was one of the greatest pit stops imagined.  The Trona Pinnacles is an unusual geological feature in the California Desert National Conservation Area that consists of more than 500 tufa spires which are large rock formations that remind me of the planet Mars. The Pinnacles are recognizable in hit movies including Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Disney’s Dinosaur, The Gate II, Lost in Space and Planet of the Apes.  Rihanna also recently conducted a music video called Sledgehammer on location.  Arriving around Golden Hour, the views and energy felt was breathtaking.  Pink skies soared the sky during Twilight and the stars started to shimmer closer to nightfall. 



Death Valley National Park

U.S. National Park Service/CA/NV 


 While driving into Death Valley National Park prior to sunrise, white noise filled the air and there was no signs of life within miles.  Suddenly a never before seen hot pink sunrise filled the sky reminding me of the berries color in Trix cereal.  On the continued drive in, the pink hues continued to fill the sky.  After exploring the magnificent park, it ended at Dante’s View point which is 5,476 feet high around the Twilight hour.  Suddenly purple and pink hues illuminated the park and the salt flats in the canyon below began to sparkle.


Death Valley National Park



Grand Canyon National Park

U.S. National Park Service, AZ


The Grand Canyon has always been a favorite due to its unique combinations of geologic color and erosional forms that decorate the canyon which is 277 river miles long, 18 miles wide and a mile deep. The canyon overwhelms our senses through its immense size and you must visit to truly experience firsthand this Natural Wonder of the World.  Being there makes me feel the size of an ant and constantly wondering how it came to be.  Photographers are quick to snap every moment, but photographing the canyon during the day can be a waste of time.  The photos are overexposured and the true colors of the canyon do not show quite yet.  It is around the Golden and Twilight Hour that the pink, orange and purple hues begin to peek. If you look closely, you can also see the Colorado River inside of the canyon for scaling purposes.


Grand Canyon National Park

Grand TwilightGrand Twilight  


Bodega Bay, CA


Bodega Bay has been a family favorite for years.  Every visit to Bodega requires a stop for Fish & Chips at The Boat House and then relaxing on one of the cliff beaches to view and capture sunset.  As the sun sets on the wakes, orange and pink hues tend to fill the sky.  While on the ocean coast, photos are more pleasing during the Twilight and Golden hour. As a frequent visitor, it's rare to see my camera out at any other time during the day due to overexposure.  


Glowing HorizonGlowing HorizonBodega Bay




The same rules apply for portrait photography, however, most families like to shoot early in the AM since children tend to cooperate better in the AM hours.  When this occurs, I book family photo shoots around 9/10 AM since the sunlight is still low and there is minimal light and/or shadows upon the subject's face.  I also seek shaded areas where the sunlight is not overbearing. When scheduling a shoot for a client, it's important to discuss the time of day for the shoot and the advantages and disadvantages.  If evening appointments are do-able, I highly recommend it to clients due to the variety of hues around the Golden and Twilight hour.  


Engagement and maternity photos are fun to capture in the evening.  If shooting a wedding, don't forget that some of the best captured photographs occur during the Golden and Twilight hour.  Usually this magical time is right before and/or during dinner so make sure to let clients know ahead of time that you will be snagging them outside to capture a few photos! Happy shooting!



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Chic and Unique : Color Theory & Coordinating Your Wardrobe https://www.celisseelainephotography.com/blog/2017/3/chicandunique



Discover chic and unique ways to fashionably color coordinate your wardrobe for photos and décor per Sir Isaac Newton's theory of the color wheel.



Interactive Color Wheel

"Click Above"

Developed in 1666 by Sir Isaac Newton & was the basis for color theory.  


In 1666, Sir Isaac Newton was the first to understand the rainbow and how it refracts white light with a prism creating the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.  AKA- “ROY G BIV.” Prisms cause light of different colors to refract differently leaving the prism at various angles creating a rainbow. The spinning of a circular color wheel tricks the human eye to see the color white, where all light is stemmed from.  Light is responsible for color which reminds us how rainbows are created by the reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets falling from the sky on a rainy day.


Twelve hues:

Red, Red-Orange, Orange, Yellow-Orange, Yellow, Yellow-Green,

Green, Blue-Green, Blue, Blue-Purple, Purple, Red-Purple


Primary Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue

Secondary Colors: Green, Orange, Violet

Santa CruzSanta Cruz


Hue: color in its purest form

Tint: shade of a variety of color

Tone: mixture of a color with gray or by both tinting and shading

Shade: darkening of a color

Warm Colors: hues or reds, oranges, yellow

Complements warmer skin tones

Gold jewelry 

Cool Colors: derived from shades of blue; greens, violets, light pink

 Complements pale skin

 Silver jewelry 

Neutral Colors: black, beige, taupe, olive

Complements all skin tones

Silver or gold jewelry 


Planning clothing combinations for an upcoming photo shoot?


Things to consider: 

- Photos may be displayed and framed at homes, so envisioning home color decor colors are important.  

- Think about what statement you would like to make and if you would rather have bright, dark or neutral colors.  

- Textures are always great!

- Dress for the season and consider location background colors. 

- Make sure everyone is comfortable in their outfit and feels good.  

- Consider the amount of people in a group and dress accordingly per gender and age.  

- Accessorize!  

  • Men-tie/bow tie, handkerchief, belt, shirt (tucked in vs untucked), ironed, buttoned fully or not.
  • Women-hats, jewelry, scarves, belts, clips, headbands.  

- Shoes- if they get dirty easily and if an outdoor shoot, plan accordingly and bring extra shoes for walking (flats/flip flops).  

- Have fun, take risks and be unique! 


Things to avoid:

- Being too matchy, matchy, but rather complement each other.  

- Limit patterns within a large group.  Everyone wearing the same pattern distracts the image.

- Since these photos will be timeless kept safe memories, try not to wear characters on clothing and avoid large logos.  

- Avoid all blacks or all white clothing when with a large group.  The subjects tend to blend into each other. 


Colors directly opposite each other on the color wheel. Usually high contrast and bold look. 

Start with a primary color as a base for the look and complement with accessories.

Harmonious color schemes that use three or more adjacent colors on the color wheel

One color should dominate while the others support.

Diana Ross & TwiggyDiana Ross & TwiggyChanneling Diana Ross & Twiggy

A color combination of just one color for the subject, attire, makeup, props and/or background.




Dimensional look where you choose one color and two adjacent tertiary colors of its complement. 

One color dominates, second color supports and third color is an accent.

Evenly spaced out on wheel. Combine every fourth color on the basic color wheel.


Snow WhiteSnow White Crimson CheckCrimson Check

 Color schemes that use two complementary pairs.

Jean ShrimptonJean Shrimpton


Color Blocking

Contrasting blocks or panels of solid, typically bright colors. 

Color BlockingColor Blocking


Other fun combinations

  Screenshot Screenshot


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