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Photographing Silhouettes by Celisse Elaine

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Photographing Silhouettes: 



What is a Silhouette?


  • dark shape/outline of someone or something visible against a lighter background. Especially in dim light where the object is usually black. 


Silhouette photography has always been a favorite of mine.  Silhouettes convey drama, mystery, emotion and mood all within a photo.  It leaves viewers with a running imagination by accentuating curves, lines and shapes.



What is the difference between a Silhouette & Shadow?


Silhouettes are images of a subject, depicting their outlines across a light source.  Shadows form when the subjects obstructs flow of light and subjects outline falls on a solid surface.



A few famous movies where a silhouette was present:


  • Opening credits for James Bond films
  • Psycho- famous gruesome shower scene
  • E.T.- flying the bicycle in front of the white full moon
  • Disney's Peter Pan while flying in front of the Big Ben Wall Clock Tower 
  • Disney's Fantasia as the orchestra plays their instruments with rainbow accents in the background






  • Set your aperture (f-stop) for 8.0 or higher for two reasons: 1) You want a large depth of field, so that all of the details are in focus; 2) To reduce the amount of chromatic aberration that often comes with shooting into the sun.


  • Increase your shutter speed.


  • Keep your ISO as low as possible.


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Landscapes/Photography: Low Key Lighting


  • Best time is early in the day or late at night when the sun is low in the sky (rising or setting)
  • Chose a strong subject
  • Turn off the flash
  • Get settings/light correct
  • Frame the image
  • Make silhouette shapes distinct & uncluttered
  • Manual mode preference
  • Patience
  • Post processing final edits.


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